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Who are we?

Real Scarcity is an Australian online retailer of Non-electronic Multicurrency Hardware Wallets. The cards we sell are made out of stainless steel and are 100% Offline Cold Storage Crypto Wallets. We think they are the best wallet type to secure your cryptocurrencies.

Our Philosophy

Real Scarcity believes decentralised currency is the greatest new-age source of stored digital value. This is why we decided to bring Ballet Wallets to Australia, as a way of ensuring decentralised users and investors have ultimate security and control over their cryptocurrencies.

What are Ballet Wallets

Ballet Wallets are similar to paper wallets where your cryptographic Private and Public keys are written onto a piece of paper and stored for safe keeping. However, ours are printed out onto sleek looking stainless-steel card, making them durable, harder to lose, and of course… looking awesome.

How do they work?

Your Public and private key is printed on the front of the card in text and QR code form. Your passphrase lies beneath a scratchpad, printed below your keys. Both your private key and passphrase are hidden until you reveal them.
You can scan the QR Code or enter the text for your receiving address in order to begin storing Cryptocurrency with you card.
Download the Ballet Crypto Mobile app and follow the instructions to send

What makes Ballet Wallets so much better than available alternatives?

The other wallet options available to you are digital and hardware wallets that are either custodial (your keys are owned by a third-party) or non-custodial (you own the keys). The issue with these options is that they have to compromise on one of two things; security or user-friendliness. Ballet Wallets do neither.

  • They securely pre-generate the wallet private keys for product simplicity.
  • Accessible to anyone, anywhere, regardless of age or background. • No registration, no setup, no KYC procedures.
  • No logins, no passwords, passphrases, or PIN codes.
  • 100% offline cold storage. No risk of hacking.
  • No artificial thresholds or limits on deposits and withdrawals.
  • Always retain access to your funds in the future.
  • Never be at the mercy of a third party’s control